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We are told that humans are social animals. That people need interaction, connection, companionship. 

So, where does that leave people who are perfectly content being by themselves? Who don’t crave close relationships and social interaction? 

Socially Distant is an exploration into those of us who don’t need other people that much. The schizoids. The solitaries. The loners. The loveless.

Who are we? Why are we? And how do we get to live in our ‘you must be social!’ society? 

It particularly seeks to raise awareness of the schizoid personality/schizoid personality disorder. 

Socially Distant is also about solitude. Not as self-care, but as a day-to-day existence, an overriding personal preference. It addresses the persistent and pervasive cultural bias that exists against solitude (and by extension, solitary people). 

Above all, Socially Distant aims to expand the ‘introvert discourse’ that has emerged in the last few years in the wake of Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet’.

It seeks to promote new and different ways of thinking about what it might mean to be an introvert,  by taking into account those of us who exist on the, shall we say, ‘queerer’ end of the quiet spectrum. 

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Whether you’re a socially distant sort yourself, or not, I hope you’ll find something of interest here.

Thank you for reading.

April 2022

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